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Dr. Ray Healey ready to launch at Napeague Harbor, Long Island, Summer 1981, Photographer, Claudia Angelos.
Dr. Ray Healey Windsurfing in Napeague Harbor, Long Island, 1981, Photo by CA.

Chasing George C. Scott: A Big Star Squares Off

By Dr. Ray Healey

In the summer of 1981, I was having a blast, working at the best job I’ve ever had — at least in terms of fun per hour — on weekdays, and windsurfing on the weekends. I was a Press Representative (“Press Rep”) at CBS Entertainment, based at “Black Rock” in New York City, and my job was to publicize a collection of CBS TV shows, movies and specials, including the following:

(This story is the first chapter of a memoir I am writing — “Adventures and Misadventures: Stories I’ve Told My Friends,” — which I will publish in installments on Medium in the coming months.)

First out of the chute for me was “We’re Fighting Back,” a CBS TV movie about a crew of New York City street kids who battle to take back their neighborhood from a bunch of hoods and gangsters. Among the five young stars was a luscious Ellen Barkin in her first movie. Barkin, a graduate of Manhattan’s High School of the Performing Arts and Hunter College (a double major in history and drama), gave me a captivating interview.

My second gig was another CBS TV movie, “Rivkin: Bounty Hunter,” a biopic about one of the most active and gutsy bounty hunters in the U.S. Ron Leibman played Rivkin in a gritty performance, and it was great fun to have the real Stan Rivkin on the set most days, providing play-by-play commentary on the derring-do that Leibman was reenacting.

L. to R.: Dr. Ray Healey, Stan “The Bounty Hunter” Rivkin, Ron Leibman. Photo by CBS Staff Photographer.

Another entertaining gig was covering the annual “Country Music Association Awards” show, which took me to Nashville for a week, and put me in a ringside seat for the show’s dress rehearsal at The Grand Ole Opry, where I listened to Glen Campbell and Tanya Tucker take turns belting out their standards. My favorite memory of that week happened when, as I sat there at the CBS press table, who should wander up but the irrepressible Minnie



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