Searching for “The Best and The Brightest” for My Cabinet

Hey, Joe Biden, Here are The Final Picks for My Administration

Continental Divide, Glacier National Park, Montana, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey, 2015
Kennedy holding a football in Cape Cod with sisters Eunice and Jean. He played as an end at both Milton Academy (Massachusetts) and Harvard,[50] c. November 1948
RFK gives speech in the Ambassador Hotel in LA on June 4, 1968, just before he was assasinated.
Jimmy Carter/150/Andy Warhol/Revolver Gallery
Bob Dylan and Jimmy Carter.
Michael Dukakis, the only presidential candidate to run the Boston Marrathon, Getty Images, Boston Globe..
Dr. Ray Healey Skates in Central Park, 1980s, Photographer-Drew Howland.
Dr. Ray Healey Skates the West Side of the Central Park Loop, 1980s. Photographer-Drew Howland.
Al Gore presenting “An Inconvenient Truth.”
George W Bush acknowledges the existence of the CIA black site prisons as he announces the transfer to Guantánamo Bay of 14 ‘high value’ detainees on 6 September 2006. Photograph: MCT/MCT via Getty Images
Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11.”
2004 Political Cartoon.
Dumbfuck Rounds the Turn, Heading for the Crash.
Secretariat crossing the finish line at the Kentucky Derby, May 5, 1973.
A Vietnam-era Swift Boat
John Kerry being awarded a medal.
Phillips Academy Class of 1966, Stickball Game, June 2016, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey

Dr. Ray’s Administration

NYC Demonstration, 2017, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
9/11 Attack on the Pentagon.
J. Edgar Hoover, FBI Director frm 1924–1972.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is greeted by Department employees during her arrival on her first day.
The U.S. State Dept.
Occupy Washington DC Demo, 2011, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Buffalo, Fort Peck Sioux Reservation, Northeastern Montana, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Deer, Glacier National Park, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Yoko Ono at an anti-fracking Demo. Go, Yoko!
2013 “Stop the Keystone Pipeline” Demonstration, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Black Ice, Gipsy Trail, 2018, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Bill McKibben, 2013 “Stop the Keystone Pipeline” Demonstration, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Grand Canyon, Summer of 2013, Photographer, Dr. Ray Healey
Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Nov. 25, 2020 Press Briefing, Daily News Photo.
Occupy Washington DC, Nov. 2011, Photographer, Dr. Ray Healey
Global Warming Demonstration, NYC, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
NYC Demonstration, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Bernie Sanders introduced legislation to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, April 2017
Sam Shepard “stole” this movie as Chuck Yeager.
Antique Electric Car, Museum, Amarillo, Texas, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Wheelchair Marathoners, NYC Marathon, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Dr. Ray Healey, as Diomedes, in Hostos CC classroom, 2015, leads discussion of The Iliad, Student Cellphone Photo
Dr. Ray’s Bookshelf, NYC, 2015, “The Classics,” Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Jack McLean, Loon: A Marine Story, May 2010.
New Year’s Eve, Paris, France, Dec. 2015, Internet Photo
“Rain on the Scarecrow, Blood on the Plow.” John Mellencamp. Remember Farm Aid.
Pete Buttigieg announcing his candidacy for president in 2020 on April 14, 2019
The White House during “Stop the Keystone Pipeline” Demonstration, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez of “Democracy Now”
May Day Demonstration, NYC, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at The Pentagon in 1958.
White Tiger, New Orleans Zoo, Head-Veterinarian Dr. Jim Grillo, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey

Nominees to the Supreme Court

Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol, Warhol Exhibit, NYC, 2016, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Protestors Encircling The White House, Keystone Pipeline Demonstration, 2013, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey
Kite Flier, Missoula, Montana, 2015, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey


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