Hey, Joe Biden, Here are The Final Picks for My Administration

Continental Divide, Glacier National Park, Montana, Photographer-Dr. Ray Healey, 2015

By Dr. Ray Healey

To: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.


November 24, 2020

Hey Joe,

Dr. Ray here.

You haven’t heard from me since last April, near the tail end of the presidential primaries — and, if I recall, the exact occasion was the Wisconsin primary, which you won and that other last man standing, Bernie Sanders, threw in the towel.

At the time, I wrote you a note, congratulating you on knocking off some 20 of your worthy rivals during the course of the campaign — and offering you some advice about whom you might consider picking for…

Prescription: Tell Your Patients to Act like Zeus.

Zeus Fucks Queen Leda on the balcony of her palace in Sparta.

Top 20 Hypothetical Questions for The Denizens of Dumbfuckistan, Re: Their King Dumbfuck

Trump Announces His Candidacy for President in June 2015.

Written by Dr. Ray Healey

If you think a man who boasts about grabbing women “by the pussy” is fit to be president, then you are not only ignorant but you are stupid as well, not to mention that you are crude and coarse and sexist and vile and vicious — and your political judgment is warped and fatally flawed

Emperor of Dumbfuckistan

A Report on a Pilgrimage by a Certain Scholar

as told to a fellow scholar, Dr. Ray Healey¹

Dr. Ray Healey

English Lit. Professor. Novelist and short story writer. Adventurer: Pamplona Bull Running, Boston Marathon, "Deliverance" River Running, Cross Country Bike,…

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